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Traditional Food Of Puglia

Traditional Food Of Puglia

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When you look at the map of Italy, Puglia or Apulia in English, forms the heel of the country’s boot. This sunny agricultural region in southeastern Italy is one of the most fertile and offering an excess of fresh and flavorful food. Take a short and tasty journey around the traditional cuisine of Puglia.


Puglia region is rich in durum wheat which is used for making pasta and bread. It is served with every meal and comes in diverse shapes and sizes. In some places like the city of Altamura you will find locals baking their own bread in traditional ovens. One of the most famous bread snacks include crunchy taralli, which are baked stick rings spiced with fennel, black pepper or onion.

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Italy is the second biggest producer of olive oil, about 40 percent of which comes from Puglia. It is no surprise that most Italian dishes are sprinkled with this fruity liquid. It can add an exceptional taste to even a simple dish.

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The region of Puglia offers a wide array of cheeses. The most popular is burrata made from mozzarella and cream. When you cut into it, you will discover rich-tasting milky filling. Another cheeses are Caciocavallo Podolico, an aromatic strong cheese made from cows’ milk or Canestrato Pugliese, which is sheep’s milk hard cheese that the locals often grate on their pasta or pizza.

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Italians are very passionate about pasta and every region has its own shape. In Puglia it is Orecchiette, which means little ears as it resembles small ears. It is handmade with durum wheat semolina flour instead of plain flour and without eggs.

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Historically, Puglia was a poor region and Puglian people could not afford to eat meat on a daily basis. However, the warm climate makes Puglia a perfect place for vegetables to grow in abundance. Fresh seasonal tomatoes, pepper, aubergines, and courgettes are marvels of Puglian dishes, whether grilled, stuffed or used to make sauces. There is also a large variety of fish including sea bass, anchovies, or cuttlefish. Puglia is home to simple, delicious and healthy food.