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The best of Italian Food !

The best of Italian Food !

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Discover the most exceptional Italian flavours and soak up the atmosphere of buzzy Italian restaurants. But before you satisfy your senses, read about 10 tasty dishes we serve at Piccolo Restaurant. Buon appetito!

Bruschetta Italiana

Start your culinary journey with a toasted bread spread with olive oil and crushed garlic. It is served with a mixture of freshly chopped tomatoes and basil.

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Calamari Fritti

For those who love seafood, this will be a delight. Fresh squid is deep fried and served with a slice of lemon. The crisp calamari and a glass of chilled drink will make an excellent starter.

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This is one of the most delicious salads. This excellent summer dish combines fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cheese with juicy tomatoes and flavourful basil. “Insalata Caprese” is sprinkled with extra-virgin olive oil.

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Spaghetti alla Bolognese

Take delight in tasting full-flavoured meat sauce tossed with strands of spaghetti. The dish is topped with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese. It tastes delicious thanks to a tried and tested recipe.


Lasagne Verdi ‘Emiliana

Treat yourself with one of the staples of the Italian cuisine. This classic lasagna comes from Emilia region, which is known for its fragrant and tasty food. This mouth-watering dish consists of layers of pasta with Bolognese and béchamel, which are baked in the oven.

Fegato Veneziana

Calf liver is a part of traditional Venetian cuisine and an ideal main course. It is known around the world for its unique taste. Thinly sliced liver with caramelized onion and a splash of white wine is perfectly paired with demi-glace sauce.


Bistecca al Pepe Verde

If you are a meat lover, you will take delight in tasting Scottish sirloin steak. It is accompanied by green pepper and brown sauce. The meat will go great with one of vegetable side dishes from our menu.

Petto di Pollo Caruso

Enrico Caruso, an Italian operatic tenor would have praised this dish in his songs! Try the delicious chicken breast topped with mushroom and tomato sauce.

Sea Bass alla Griglia

The sea bass or “branzino” is a Mediterranean fish and an exquisite dish. You will have a plate of a boneless fillet. Try the grilled sea bass either with tomato or with wine sauce.

Pizza Diavola

Spice up your evening with this peppery dish! It contains tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese, but also chillies and pepperoni sausage which give the pizza a spicy kick.



As for Italian cuisine, there is much more to discover. That is why, we will gladly see you at Piccolo and pamper your taste buds with our delicious food.